Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ShOuLd i sTaRt paCkinG??

eversince d revision month started.. my room was a total mess.. i mean really messy.. books were everywhere.. on d table.. on d bed, on d floor..n even under the bed.. etc.. even searching them during d time of need pose a great difficulty.. cos it was not in order.. n i hv 2 search d whole stack again n again 2 find one..

Total of 11 postings.. wic we 1st started clinical years in year 3.. basically 2 years ago.. Wic are consists of Int. Medicine, Gen Surgery, Obs & Gynae, Psychiatry, Orthopaedic, Paediatric, Family Medicine, ENT, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesiology, Comm Medicine... We have 2 combine all those knowledge 2 face diz final MD(UKM) exam.. wic is the toughest exam of all of diz years..

Everyone were restless in preparing 4 d exam.. Anxiety, insomnia.. somnolence.. all of these feeling started 2 pour down 2 us.. I am no exception.. on d eve of every papers.. i can't hardly fall asleep..
theory paper lasted 4 a week.. n clinical exam will b conducted 4 one day.. 4 each candidate based on their luck.. lucky me.. got d 1st day.. sigh..

really depressed with the outcoming of the exam result... diz waiting make me suffer more.. should i start packing?? diz is d question dat i've always ask myself.. wat if i failed n need 2 reseat d paper 4 another 6 months..?? then i don have 2 pack and unpack all these things again.. n i have 2 cancel my air ticket 2 go back home.. wic i hope i don hv 2 do..

now i really had d typical features of ppl wif depression; with persistent low mood, lost of interest, feeling tired and lethargic but unable 2 fall asleep with early morning awakening..all these tinks are killing me slowly.. hope all these will b over sooner..

Pray Hard n Crossing mY fingers.. 4 a better 2moro..

sEqUeNce oF aWeFuL eVeNts..

iT starts with my clinical exam.. quite a tough one on monday d 16th.. my case was a child with *nephrotic syndrome.. with My Long case examiners are; Prof. Rahmah (paeds), Prof. Adeeb (o&g), Dr. Wong Ming (med), Mr. Shahar (orth).. i tink i was totally screwed up doin d long case, felt like so many tinks i din ask.. so many tinks i din do.. not sure did i cover all d so called essential tinks 2 secure a pass in my long case..

It was so aweful feeling.. y do i have 2 bear all these.. maybe it's a trial time from God.. 2 test my fate 2wards him.. i was so occupied wif my long case presentation n performance that i have loss my concentration during my short cases.. basically all tinks were screwed up dat day.. My examiners for d day are.. Prof Fadilah (med), Prof Maniam (Psy), Prof Hashim (o&g), Mr Jev (ENT), Dato' Ridzuan (surg).. I've started with a case of o&g wic is polyhydramnions.. got all the signs.. then a tough surgery case.. maybe i screwed so severely that i have 2 get 3 cases for my short cases wic are, trophic ulcer, *AVF, and thyroid swelling.. then i hv no mood 2 do my med short case wic i tink my finding was correct..

Then I was involved in an *MVA.. a careless motorcyclist accidentally knocked my hind lamp and broke it.. in a middle of a flyover.. wic i hardly wana stop.. cos it will surely cost a huge traffic jam.. result of dat.. i have 2 pay RM280 4 replacement of a new lamp.. aweful..

Then on d day i went 2 take d car from workshop, i stop in a dining place 2 have some breakfast..
the cost of d meal was RM 5.60.. but i have no change n have 2 pay wif my RM 50.. wic d balance is Rm 44.40.. wic was shouted out by the cashier in cantonese.. i startled 4 awhile.. n try 2 remain calm.. (in cantonese d pronounciation of 44.40 is almost similar 2 d word dead)..

hope dat evrytink will b fine.. juz hoping dat my exam result will b fine as well.. really hope for God should i react?? currently are so depressed n down..

*nephrotic syndrome; a disease characterize by generalized swelling of the body
*MVA; motor vehicle accident
*AVF; ateriovenous fistula

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

IV medications isn't medications??

I came across this patient of mine who was admitted due to *AECOPD 2 to pneumonia few weeks ago.. He was very arrogant, due to his many admission 2 d hospital. He will question every procedure that being carried by us.. blood taking, iv branula etc..

One fine morning as I was doing my morning round as usual.. He was very frustated and angry. In a loud voice this is his conversation with one of the staff nurse;

Uncle A: Misi, apamacam saya suda tinggal sini hospital suda 2 hari doktor xdak bg ubat??
(* nurse, i've been in the ward 4 2 days but y din d doctor gave me any medicine??)

Nurse X: Apa uncle, xdak ada ubat ka?? apa macam?? saya hari2 ada bg uncle ubat lahh..
(* what? i thought that i gave u all ur medications everyday??)

Uncle A: Mana ada lu bg ubat?? hari2 lu cucuk saya saja.. tidak nampak ubat??
(Where's d medications? I juz saw that u injected me everyday..)

Nurse X: Haiyyoo uncle, itu cucuk2 semua ubat lahh..
(Uncle, that's all injected medication)

Uncle A: Haiyyoo.. saya tidak nampak mahh.. sebab saya tidak makan..
(I can't see d medication cos i din eat it..)

Me: Burst into laughter...

After that incident he became nice, even allow me to take his frequent *ABG..

*AECOPD- acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.. a form of lung disease
*ABG-arterial blood gas.. blood that is taken from the artery.. the oxygenated blood

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's been a long while..

It's been along while.. Since I experience d flood in Kuching, my hometown.. As far as i'm concern, there was almost none and really rare 2 hear that Kuching was being flooded by water.. Yes, it's weird but true.. I never experience flood during the day when i grew up in Kuching..

But the flash flood that occur today was really a shock.. Kuching was being flood until waist level.. Some places even can't allow transportation 2 pass.. Especially Bau area.. Pity my fren Mor.. whose house being flood and can't even charge his handphone and was force 2 use his sister's handphone 2 text me.. Hope his house is fine by now..

Hearing d news, I call home immediately.. Wonder if my house n families were affected.. But luckily and thankfully there were not affected.. Maybe because d location of my house is more 2wards inland.. and the area is kinda hill area.. and there's not any single river nearby..

Maybe it's a sign from God for repentence.. He had shows so many signs to us.. This is to show how he loves us.. He doesn't want 2 punish his creation 2 heavily..

Satok area in kuching was flooded.. It was an area full of offices and shops lot.. If that place being flooded.. I guess lots of people will have 2 closed their shops for few days before resume their business.. pity them.. Satok used 2 be a Sunday market.. A place where all the cheap food can be found.. Comparable 2 pasar malam in KL.. More hotter than that.. and far2 more happening.. yay..

I wonder how did they manage 2 move all their belongings.. It must be quite hard n difficult..

I woke up diz monday thinking dat it was a sunday still.. But when i receive a txt from yp my colleague.. stated that we will have a post mortem session regarding our result with our supervisor Dr WSW.. I realiize it was a Monday morning.. ehhehe..

So I was waken up by YP's txt and thinking that I was late for church service.. ahhaa.. 2 occupied with church..

So, as I walking towards Med 1, my beloved ward.. I put down my bag and my coat.. and head towards Level 4 2 d paeds department 2 meet my beloved Dr WSW my paeds supervisor.. I was lost and donoe where 2 go.. and suddenly heard some noises coming form a corner..

There are my colleague waiting anxiously 2 meet Dr WSW and still wondering what is he goin 2 say.. Is he goin 2 scold us?? Is he goin 2 praise us for the result.. No one know..

My colleague waited for me before approaching Dr WSW.. So, it started with my colleague.. Ad.xx.. Then came me next in line, when i enter.. He greeted me with a big smile.. Of cos his cute dimple were so obvious.. That's whats make him special.. HHmmmpphh..

Though he's always mad at us during our period of paeds posting under him. But he's really a great teacher. His passion for teaching is really great. Really hard 2 find a great teacher like him. I guess he was juz pretending 2 be cool, but truly deep inside his quite a warmth person.

Maybe he's juz need 2 find a suitable person 2 click with.. I was blank when i enter his room, and expecting he would tell my my results regarding my weakness and d neccessities 2 improve. But he said he doesn't have the result with him.

And his word of advice is juz, paeds maedicine cannot be treated like adult medicine. It has it's own art of clinical examination. Lastly, he wish me good luck in my future..

Thanks Dr WSW.
(DoRc eViL)
p/s; the above pics was courtesy of a fren of mine, whose facing flood at his home.. Thx Zul..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

ThE DaY I DecIdEd oN mY HoBBy..

ahahha.. It mUst be a joke.. But today i finally decide on wat my hobby really is.. Yup, according 2 my dictionary, hobby is define as an act or activity that one does to fill one's leisure time.

Well, i've tried several type of hobby before.. But it turns up everytink goes 2 waste.. Like stamp collections, coins collections, red packets collections but notink turn up quite promising..

As I was strolling down KL after d church service.. I saw there's quite lots of beautiful near n around d merdeka square..

Without further due, i took out my cam.. My handphone actually cum my cam.. Cos i like multipurpose things.. Hate 2 carry lots of tinks sumtime..

Snapping all the sceneries that is within my view.. The result turns up quite interesting... and 2 my amaze quite comparable with those taken using hi-tech digital camera.. n d one that being publish in dailies..

Then after, i think about why not make photography as my hobby.. Of cos not a profesional level.. But taking pic and keeping them is really pleasuring 4 me..

Sometime you can even view them 2 cheer up ur mood..

So, as we (me & my cousin) was strolling down 2 pasar seni for our regular post-church breakfast.. I snapped some sceneries, especially of the merdeka sq, the SAS building, the bukit aman police headquarters, masjid jamek, d selangor royal club..etc..

Finally, i've found some tink 2 do as my hobby.. N don let my time goes 2 waste.. Especially a travelling freak like me.. Really need a handy cam in hand.. Who knows i might witness the most historic event and i'm d only person witnessing it..

Here are some of my masterpiece attached 4 viewing. Do comments for future improvement..
(DoRc eViL)

HaPPy aS KiDs..

It was Sunday service as usual in church today.. However, what make the service interesting 2day is.. There's one british family their children for baptism today.. There was total 5 children who in d same age.. From the McKeith's family i think.. Becos their name all ended with McKeith..

I wonder, why did d whole family baptize their children today.. Are they new in KL.?? hhmmpphh.. after d service end, i approach one of them.. The mother of a child i tink.. and ask about their baptism..
The mother gladly says that, this is their first time visit Malaysia.. 2 commemorate this, they wanted 2 baptize their children in KL..

Wow, that's quiet nice of them.. After the service, I saw their children.. Playing at the church's courtyard.. Running freely, playing by the green grass n the big trees..

How enjoyable, if I could run and play like that.. Being kids is really much2 fun.. Less 2 worries..

Really miss my less worries, care free, and less tension life as a kid..

I wish I could turn back time.. :p
(DoRc eViL)

ReKiNdLeD mEmOrIes..

FiNaLLy, the campus election return.. i thought i would leave UKM as final year student without casting any vote.. but obviously i was wrong.. However, the preparation this year was not so disastrous as it was before.. before, it was really horrible, can be compare 2 d general election's fight between the opponents n d government.
Well, obviously.. both the candidates started 2 post their manifestos.. each with their own resume n curriculum vitae.. However. as final year med student.. I don't care n don't bother about it.. I will leave anyway.. So, this year election might does not mean anytink 2 me..
But wat attarct my attention wa.. There's this candidate dat send in his manifesto attached with some goodies.. Well, let say d goodies that attract my attention. It was a "susu" chocolate bar..

Yup, "susu" chocolate bar.. the chocolate bar that i ate frequently when I was a toddler and my pre-school age.. still remember d first time i ate it was at the age of 4..

Life back then was really difficult and tough.. we only got 2 eat dat chocolate bar when ever there is function or ocassion like birthday parties etc.. and we seldom ate luxurious food.. seeing kids nowadays, as compare 2 us.. they are much2 more fortunate..
that "susu" chocolate bar was d only type of chocolate bar that we can afford during that time.. However, the taste was really beyond expected.. really smoothing, crunchy and filled with milky taste..

It has 2 taste.. another 1 is d chocolate flavour.. wic is quite comparable with d "susu" or d milk flavour.. but i obviously enjoy d milk or d "susu" flavour more..
I used 2 remember.. i would grab 1 bar.. n enjoy it slowly in a corner.. eating it layer by layer.. how fun it was.. n how enjoy it was 2 b a kid..

However, as i was enjoying the bar that i receive as goodies just now.. It tastes so differently, really different.. not like d one i used 2 eat when i was a kid.. not as crunchy, soothing and milky as it was..

Guess many thing had changed nowadays without us realising.. Maybe it just my taste bud or the chocalate bar had changed manufacturer..
What ever it is, changes do happen whether we like it or not... The main thing is, we must change accordingly with the changes.. Becos we can expect the world change according 2 our needs..
Really miss that moment in my life.. :p
(DoRc eViL)