Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ShOuLd i sTaRt paCkinG??

eversince d revision month started.. my room was a total mess.. i mean really messy.. books were everywhere.. on d table.. on d bed, on d floor..n even under the bed.. etc.. even searching them during d time of need pose a great difficulty.. cos it was not in order.. n i hv 2 search d whole stack again n again 2 find one..

Total of 11 postings.. wic we 1st started clinical years in year 3.. basically 2 years ago.. Wic are consists of Int. Medicine, Gen Surgery, Obs & Gynae, Psychiatry, Orthopaedic, Paediatric, Family Medicine, ENT, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesiology, Comm Medicine... We have 2 combine all those knowledge 2 face diz final MD(UKM) exam.. wic is the toughest exam of all of diz years..

Everyone were restless in preparing 4 d exam.. Anxiety, insomnia.. somnolence.. all of these feeling started 2 pour down 2 us.. I am no exception.. on d eve of every papers.. i can't hardly fall asleep..
theory paper lasted 4 a week.. n clinical exam will b conducted 4 one day.. 4 each candidate based on their luck.. lucky me.. got d 1st day.. sigh..

really depressed with the outcoming of the exam result... diz waiting make me suffer more.. should i start packing?? diz is d question dat i've always ask myself.. wat if i failed n need 2 reseat d paper 4 another 6 months..?? then i don have 2 pack and unpack all these things again.. n i have 2 cancel my air ticket 2 go back home.. wic i hope i don hv 2 do..

now i really had d typical features of ppl wif depression; with persistent low mood, lost of interest, feeling tired and lethargic but unable 2 fall asleep with early morning awakening..all these tinks are killing me slowly.. hope all these will b over sooner..

Pray Hard n Crossing mY fingers.. 4 a better 2moro..

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